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Importante pubblicazione del gruppo Crest e Università Bicocca su International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction:”Personality Structure Features Associated with Early Dropout in Patients with Substance-Related Disorders and Comorbid Personality Disorders”

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January 2015

Personality Structure Features Associated with Early Dropout in

Patients with Substance-Related Disorders and Comorbid

Personality Disorders.



This study aims at investigating factors associated with early dropout in dual diagnosis patients, considering socio-demographic, diagnostic and personality structure variables. We hypothesized that the personality structure of the patient will show stronger associations with dropout, as compared to descriptive variables. Forty-seven patients consecutively admitted in a dual diagnosis residential treatment unit were administered the Structured Interview of Personality Organization (STIPO), the Structured Clinical Interview for Axis II Disorders (SCID II), the Response Evaluation Measure 71 (REM71), the Symptom Check List 90–R (SCL90-R), and the Borderline Personality Disorder Check List (BPDCL). Significant differences emerged between the dropout and no-dropout group: Investments and self-coherence problems (STIPO) were higher among dropouts; moreover, in the dropout group a significantly higher number of patients showed a borderline personality organization (88.9 %). Results support the use of structural interviews in the assessment of dual diagnosis patients; implications regarding research and clinical practice are discussed.